Belek Turkish Bath Program Belek Turkish Bath Program
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Belek Turkish Bath Program

Belek Turkish Bath Program
7/17/2020 6:07:35 PM
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      Turkish Bath Program in Belek

      Sauna, jacuzzi, menthol room, peeling massage, foam massage, olive oil massage and face mask.

      The importance of personal cleansing after covid-19 pandemic became more noticeable in the world. We need to pay attention to our personal cleanliness, which is one of the most important ways to protect against corona. We have to keep our bodies clean to protect ourselves from all diseases, not just for the corona. At this point, we recommend you the Turkish bath in Belek. With a pouch and foam massage to all points in your body, you will be free dissected from your dirt and free from the dead cells on your skin. With olive oil massage you will feel relieved that your body will relax if you are contracted from stress.
       If you are looking for bath house in Belek. we are place you are looking for.