Pirate Boat Trip in Belek Pirate Boat Trip in Belek
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Pirate Boat Trip in Belek

Pirate Boat Trip in Belek
7/17/2020 6:09:52 PM
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    For our precious customers holidaying in Belek, we are organizing a tour with a pirate boat in turquoise and clear water of the Mediterranean Sea. With this fun-filled pirate boat, we will enjoy the high seas to dance with various animations and foam parties. Although our ship is large enough, there is no problem of space for our customers who want to sunbathe. On the most beautiful shores, there will be constant breaks and you will have the opportunity to swim. A delicious barbecue will be held for you by our ship employees at noon on a pirate boat trip in Belek. This lunch, accompanied by a light-sounding music in the middle of the sea, is no doubt that it will be better than the food you eat elsewhere and in the restaurant. Because you won't find this view and ambience everywhere. We invite anyone who wants to take part in a fun boat tour in Belek for a pirate boat tour.