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Terms and conditions

The subject of this Regulation is the sale of electronic services by the Agency on the website of the www.toursinbelek.com/en consumer, in accordance with the rules of sale and provision of services, the law No. 4077 on consumer protection in Turkey.

Key points:
The consumer agrees that the tour and qualification of the service, the amount of sale, the type of payment and all the necessary information about the service they received and there is confirmation of the information electronically.
The agency is responsible to the consumer for the quality of the service.
The Agency is liable for damages and compensates for damages if the service does not comply with the contract. Visas are not included in the purchased excursions.
The consumer must notify the Agency in writing of any grievances and claims. The Agency is responsible for finding and deciding how to resolve the claim.
The consumer can change the date of the tour to another, at no additional cost, if he informs the Agency in three days.
The consumer does not pay taxes for the service provided. All prices are set with VAT in mind.

The Agency takes into account any adverse conditions that may arise, reserves the right to cancel the service due to earthquakes, terrorist acts, adverse weather conditions, road impediments and unforeseen technical difficulties. In this case, the consumer cannot file an objection.
The consumer can cancel the tour by notifying the Agency 15 days before the start of the tour and in this case the Agency will be obliged to return the paid funds.
The consumer can receive a refund of 50% of the money paid for the tour if he warns about the cancellation of the tour one week before it starts.
The consumer cannot cancel the service in less than 7 days. There is no change by the Consumer of the tour date in this case.
The consumer can transfer the right to take advantage of the tour to another person in the period up to 7 days before the planned tour date.
If the consumer does not inform the Agency in writing, through communication channels, that he cannot go on tour and about the circumstances preventing the trip, the Agency may cancel the excursions that the client plans to make in 24 hours. In such cases, no refunds are made.
The agency has the right to cancel the tour in full or in part if it deems it necessary. In such cases, it must inform the consumer of the change of tour by sending a written notice. The agency may change the order of visitation in the event of written notification. In such cases, if the consumer does not wish to participate in the tour, the cost may be reimbursed for the services not provided.
The agency can notify the consumer in person or on the website, or in any way available. The consumer accepts and confirms this situation personally.

Turkey's consumer courts and arbitration courts are responsible for the problems that may arise when this contract is implemented. The consumer agrees and accepts all the terms of this contract.

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